Supporters chairman of Hearts of oak Elves Herman Hesse belives that  the technical team has done a Very good job interms of the new recruitments.

The hard working leader of the club sing praises on the technical team for bringing in new faces they think can can help the club

According to him, he belives in the technical team and he know they have done a good recruitment for the club ahead of their Africa campaign

” Me personally, I believe in the coach and the technical team and I know they did their own recommendation to recruit the new faces in the team ” he said

“What is left now , is for the Supporters to support the new players so that they can find their rythem in the team “

” Gladson Awako for instance is one player I admire most, and I believe with the Support from the Supporters he will gear to the team and help the club ” he added

Hearts of will face Kamsar in the first league of the CAF champions league campaign.