Women’s league vice chairperson, Roseline Amoh have called on cooperate entities to consider adopting Hasmal Ladies as part of their cooperate social responsibility because investing into women’s football doesn’t only support a girl to live her dreams and passion but they are actually helping solve a societal problem.

“It should be a cooperate social responsibility for the organizations and cooperations who have the social wellbeing of their communities at heart”

Women teams in the country have seen little or no cash injection into their hard work and as Hasaacas Ladies represent the country in Africa for the first time, Madam Roseline Amoh after gracing Western Region football Association women’s Committee seminar for clubs took the opportunity to stress home why organisations and cooperations who have the social wellbeing of their communities at heart needed to adopt the team and aid them financially in Africa because it will even give them better exposure and mileage than what their ordinary social responsibility will give them in a day.

“Someone might think it’s just football but when you look at the triple down effect of women playing football and what they do, you can bear witness that when you invest in women football you are not only supporting a girl to live her dream and passion but actually helping solve societal problem.”

“Hasaacas Ladies have been wealthy ambassadors of Ghana football looking at their contribution to the various women national teams which included their coach Yussif Basiqi who won gold medal with the Queens at the All Africa Games so I believe they have shown with the right support they can go and make an impact”