[Ghana] We gave them good guidelines if they will follow it, they will attract investments” — Ex-Normalization committee Boss discusses Ghana football woes

Normalization committee boss Dr Kofi Amoah has discussed Ghana football problems and what authorities need to do to turn the fortunes around  In an interview with Benard Avle of Citi tv, Dr. Kofi Amoah waded into the problems affecting Ghana football two years after handing over to Kurt Okraku led

“We’ve been playing football for 100 years some countries just came in and are doing better.  “For me, it (Ghana football) has the potential but anything that has the potential must be approached the right way football is about the player, they are the centre piece therefore the player welfare must be paramount, they must me paid well

“Alot of club owners are doing well, they are investing their funds into football but it’s not enough  “If you have 10,000 cedis and you invest 1000 cedis, don’t go and invest it in Ghana football, because you will lose the money, that’s what is happening

“We are not making the right and adequate the investment, because we can’t pay the players well so a good player’s dream to go and play outside the country, the pitches are not the best, training facilities are not the best  “They know my position,

we restructured their statutes, they got a good body of laws with FIFA approving it and if the guidelines are followed they will get the right investment and Ghana football will rise again.

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