1956 Accra Hearts of Oak
1958 Accra Hearts of Oak
1959-60 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1960-61 Sekondi Eleven Wise
1961-62 Hearts of Oak
1962-63 Accra Real Republicans
1963-64 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1964-65 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1967 Cape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs (Knock-out)
1967-68 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1969 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1970 Accra Great Olympics
1971 Accra Hearts of Oak
1972 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1973 Accra Hearts of Oak
1974 Accra Great Olympics
1975 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1976 Accra Hearts Of Oak
1977 Sekondi Hasaacas
1978 Accra Hearts Of Oak
1979 Accra Hearts Of Oak
1980 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1981 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1982 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1983 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1984 Accra Hearts of Oak
1984-85 Accra Hearts of Oak
1985-86 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1987 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1988-89 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1989-90 Accra Hearts of Oak
1990-91 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1992 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1993 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
1993-94 Obuasi Goldfields
1994-95 Obuasi Goldfields
1995-96 Obuasi Goldfields
1996-97 Accra Hearts of Oak
1997-98 Accra Hearts of Oak
1999 Accra Hearts of Oak
2000 Accra Hearts of Oak
2001 Accra Hearts of Oak
2002 Accra Hearts of Oak
2003 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2004-05 Accra Hearts of Oak
2005 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2006-07 Accra Hearts of Oak
2007-08 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2008-09 Accra Hearts of Oak
2009-10 Dormaa Aduana Stars
2010-11 Berekum Chelsea
2011-12 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2012-13 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2013-14 Kumasi Asante Kotoko
2015 Obuasi AshantiGold
2016 Wa All-Stars
2017 Dormaa Aduana Stars
2020-21 Accra Hearts of Oak

Note: Goldfields is now AshGold SC and Wa All Stars has been renamed as Legon Cities.

During the 1956 league, some of the clubs pulled out of the competition, and the FA ordered to end the competition and declared Hearts Of Oak winners of the Competition.

The 1966 league season started after the Coup d’etat on 24th February and during the season, some clubs withdrew from the competition due to the unemployment of some players, and the league was canceled after week 23. Some clubs were having 2 outstanding games others 1. Kotoko was having 3 outstanding games but withdrew from the Competition. Since the outstanding games would have had a bearing on the top of the table, the GFA after calling the league to an end did not declare B/A United winners even though they were on the top of the table at that moment.

Only first-round games were played during the 1977 season due to the country’s preparation to host the Africa Cup Of Nations tournament in 1978. Sekondi Hasaacas were declared winners of the Competition.

During the 2004-05 season, the league was played in two zones. The Northern Zone and the Southern Zone in other to meet the European Football Calendar the next season. The winners of the two zones played a decider in other to have a league Champion. Hearts of Oak beat Asante Kotoko 1-0 to win the League season.

Number of Titles in 58 seasons.
Kumasi Asante Kotoko – 23
Accra Hearts of Oak – 21
Obuasi AshantiGold – 4
Accra Great Olympics – 2
Dormaa Aduana Stars – 2
Sekondi Eleven Wise – 1
Accra Real Republicans – 1
Cape Coast Ebusua Dwarfs -1
Sekondi Hasaacas – 1
Berekum Chelsea – 1
Accra Legon Cities (formerly Wa All-Stars – 1

Credit:  Bright Yeboah Taylor ‘BYT’